Service Capabilities

Qualifications Powering Solutions

Our service capabilities executed by our team of experienced experts include:

Culmen provides advisory and assistance services (A&AS), acquisition support, policy support, process improvement, and technical subject matter expertise (SME).


We assist with strategic planning, the development of program plans, as well as monitoring of program cost, schedule and performance. Many of our staff are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), and employ the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) in the course of their work.

Culmen provides acquisition support, assisting our Government customers with requirements determination, development of acquisition program baselines (APB), and drafting Statements of Objectives and Statements of Work. Culmen supports the development of independent government cost estimates (IGCE), and provides subject matter expertise for technical and cost evaluations.

As part of our management support, we conduct research and analysis to develop reports and presentations for agency leadership, policy makers, and Congress, assist with metrics development and tracking of program performance against those parameters, and support U.S. Government delegations overseas by providing advance preparation of issue papers and talking points and contributing subject matter expertise essential for negotiations with foreign governments. Culmen is well versed in the processes for country clearance cables, exit cables, pre- and post-trip briefs.

In addition, Culmen conducts independent program reviews, consisting of surveys, research and analysis to allow customers to assess the level of program success against mission requirements and policy guidance. We also conduct research and analysis to allow customers to determine the feasibility of launching new programs or entering new markets.

Our work includes:

  • Management Consulting
  • Advisory and Assistance Services
  • Acquisition Support
  • Policy Support
  • Technical Subject Matter Expertise
  • Exercise Support
  • Supply Chain Management Support
  • Process Improvement Support
  • Program Management Reviews
  • Feasibility Studies and Market Research

We perform procurement services, contracting with manufacturers and suppliers in the U.S. and abroad for critical equipment.


Our work includes multiple vendor procurement, international logistics (shipping, inventory management, equipment inspections, installation, repair, and disposition), and supply chain management.

Culmen International provides procurement services for our customers, identifying manufacturers and suppliers in the U.S. and abroad for critical equipment. We provide technical analysis and comparative assessments of equipment alternatives to identify optimal trade-offs between cost, equipment performance, delivery schedule, usability and sustainability. Culmen procures and consolidates items from multiple suppliers at our freight forwarding warehouses, where we perform receipt inspections and repack products for international shipment.

Our personnel manage the export and import licensing process, including International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) licenses with Department of State (DOS) and Commerce Control List (CCL) licenses with Department of Commerce. We have network of international freight forwarders, customs brokers and shippers that enable us to provide surface or air transport anywhere in the world, customs clearance in the U.S. and abroad, and delivery direct to the customer or end user overseas.

Our work includes:

  • Multiple Vendor Procurement
  • Complex products for CBRNE detection, border security, law enforcement and defense
  • Multiple alternatives, where competitive advantage can be gained from established supplier networks, domain awareness, technology expertise and primary source market research
  • International Logistics
  • Equipment inspections requiring technical expertise or OCONUS presence
  • International, multi-modal shipment management
  • Local/regional ground transportation
  • HAZMAT (e.g. ordnance) movements
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment installation/maintenance/repair management
  • Equipment disposition

Culmen conducts curriculum development, training delivery, exercise support, international partner coordination, travel logistics, and event management.


Culmen International provides training program management, curriculum development, and instruction for counterterrorism, border security, and language and culture programs. In the area of training program management, Culmen provides coordination between Government sponsors, students, and schools to ensure the target students are identified for the right training programs, and quickly processed and vetted. We develop and review the curriculum of various training courses to ensure minimal overlap and maximum coverage across topic areas. We additionally manage alumni programs, to ensure past participants stay engaged through web resources, international events and continuous learning opportunities.

Our work includes:

  • Training venue management, which includes facilities assessments, pricing and contract negotiations, audio-visual arrangements, catering, etc.
  • Curriculum Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Exercise Support
  • International Partner (host, trainee, vendor) coordination
  • Complex event and international travel logistics, which includes visas, transportation, local ground support, lodging, per diem distribution, secure escort, etc.

We implement culture and language programs worldwide. Our services include interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous), translation, language instruction, cultural awareness and immersion training.


Since Culmen’s inception, we have been working in international environments overseeing and implementing culture and language programs for the U.S. Government. The team of Culmen professionals who support these programs come from a variety of ethnic and technical back grounds and are adept at mitigating cultural and language barriers in order to more profoundly teach while also preventing misunderstanding and miscommunication. In addition to our specific language support contracts, a large portion of the Culmen staff are bi-lingual or multi-lingual, allowing us to provide other linguistic services on and cultural insight for our clients.

Our work includes:

  • Interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whisper, telephone)
  • Translation (technical, training documents, presentations, open source, classified)
  • Language Training (foreign languages, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), and English for Special Purposes (ESP))
  • Cultural Awareness and Immersion Training
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