SeaPort-E Quality Assurance Program

Commitment To Quality

The Culmen Team’s commitment to quality is reflected throughout our management structures, tools and procedures. The foundation of our Quality Assurance Program starts at the project level, with our bi-weekly and monthly progress reports. To achieve the most effective Quality Assurance procedures for our customer, the Culmen Team has established a Management Team, responsible for the day-to-day implementation, oversight and Quality Assurance of the SeaPort-e program, and an Executive Committee.

The Culmen Team will establish Task Order objectives that meet progress reporting requirements established by the customer, as required for individual task orders. Our recommended approach will be a four-phase approach, consisting of:

  • Establishing a Project Plan, with customer input and concurrence, that identifies our objectives, tasks, WBS, POA&M, Risk Management Plan, and project budget.
  • Bi-weekly Progress Reports – identifying work accomplished against each SOW Task area in a performance period;
  • Monthly Progress Reports – that incorporate financial and schedule data in addition to the technical progress cited in the bi-weekly reports; and
  • Project Management Reviews – monthly or quarterly, based on customer availability, which provide an in-person forum for presenting and reviewing progress, key performance metrics, schedules, costs, risks, and future plans for subsequent reporting periods. PMRs will be attended by representatives from the Management Team each period, for those firms involved in the project, and by members of the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis.

Each Management Team member will review their firm’s SEAPORT-e deliverables and progress reports, in addition to the firm’s normal internal control process, to ensure performance remains consistent with the goals and standards of the Culmen Team. The Culmen Program Manager will review every team member’s progress reports to verify projects are technically progressing on schedule and within budget. The Management Team will work together to identify and mitigate potential risks at the program and project level, and will be responsible for issue resolution, as needed.

The Executive Committee will meet quarterly, to review program objectives, delineate requirements, assess corporate resources within the team, and review team performance to date. The goal of this body is to ensure the Culmen Team appropriately leverages the resources of each team member to provide the most technically effective and cost efficient solutions to the Customer. Additionally, we will identify changes required or additional team capabilities needed to enhance the Culmen Team’s capability to support emerging requirements. The Executive Committee will seek to meet with our SEAPORT-e customers, as their schedule allows, to obtain feedback on team performance, review ideas for continuously improving the team’s technical approach and cost structure, and to ensure the Culmen Team stays abreast of the emerging issues that are of primary concern to the customer.

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