Donald Ross

Donald Ross
VP of Business Development

Don Ross joined Culmen International as the Vice President of Business Development in the Spring of 2017.

Mr. Ross is a security leader with 28 years of experience in the security training industry. Throughout his military and United States Government career, he has developed and implemented security training programs, processes and systems strategies for large U.S. and international organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. Military, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). A former United States Marine Corps (USMC) Major, Mr. Ross was responsible for wide array of security programs both domestically and in the international arena where he served in both multi-national and UN Missions abroad. These included, force protection, critical infrastructure protection, communications and signals intelligence, and training of host nation and foreign national personnel.

After his roles with the USMC, DHS, and TSA, and prior to joining Culmen, Mr. Ross served as the Senior Vice President of A-T Solutions’ National Security Group, where he managed the operations of several domestic and international security programs.

Mr. Ross is a graduate of Norwich University and holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management.

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