Program Reviews – Culmen International conducts independent program reviews, consisting of surveys, research and analysis to allow customers to assess the level of program success against mission requirements and policy guidance. Culmen conducts participant surveys during and subsequent to program participation, to assess the impact of the program on their position, agency or country. Culmen conducts both in-person and web-based surveys to gather the best possible response from targeted survey recipients. Responses are recorded in a database, and blended for anonymity and aggregation of survey data for meaningful assessment and reporting of program results. Culmen develops final reports on findings and recommendations for improvement.


Feasibility Studies and Market Research – Culmen International conducts research and analysis to allow customers to determine the feasibility of launching new programs or entering new markets. Culmen conducts both primary and secondary source market research to create an industry profile and understand key players (stakeholders, process owners, sponsors and competitors). We assess funding requirements, as well as likely sources of funding and projected return on investment. Culmen performs regulatory reviews and assesses barriers to entry that must be overcome. We provide interim and final reports and briefings to leadership to highlight findings and recommendations.